In my world…

Hi! Introducing my life!

I have the typical young girl dream…I’m a small-town North Carolina mountain girl with big dreams that only seem real on Pinterest. Since a young age, I’ve been captivated by the lights of big cities and the endless opportunities they offer. The hustle, and fast-paced rhythm of life in New York, I am on a mission to become a successful businesswoman or entrepreneur in the city. Inspired by my father’s drive and mentorship, I want one day to be the daughter that actually left their hometown and is successful outside of it. I am currently a rising Junior at UNC Chapel Hill, majoring in Advertising and Public Relations driven to seek new knowledge and opportunities for growth and eventually turn my Pinterest board into accomplishments.

Some things I enjoy!

Chapel Hill

Picking Chapel Hill for school was a decision that seemed like not one at all. When touring it seemed like a perfect fit for the person I strive to be as I continue my career. Surrounded by thousands of others, we each share our art for dedication and purpose in academics and our post-grad lives. In addition to academics, the Carolina blue blood goes crazy for any sporting event or a long run to Franklin Street (hopefully!)

If not making in class, making Pinterest boards, or scrolling LinkedIn, I find myself searching for fulfillment. The fuel to my soul comes from the little things. A new route of my nightly walk, a good local coffee shop coffee, a hug from my friends, or a drive listening to music. Every second on this Earth and at UNC, I search for the love and joy in what I have been given.

White abstract geometric artwork from Dresden, Germany


I am a dedicated young professional passionate about furthering my business, communication, advertising, and public relations expertise. With a relentless work ethic, I am motivated to explore creative collaboration and networking opportunities! I love anything fashion, sports, beauty, health, and wellness.

Campus Involvement

Director of Continuous Open Bidding

Alpha Phi Sorority, Kappa Alpha Chapter

  • Developed and organized a COB team to maximize Alpha Phi membership quota
  • Coordinated process for reaching out to potential new members and planned recruitment events.

Red Dress Gala Basket Director

Alpha Phi Sorority, Kappa Alpha Chapter

  • Coordinated the assembly of over 25 donation gift baskets for Gala that raised approximately $45,000 to benefit the Alpha Phi Foundation

Student Office Assistant

UNC One Card Office

  • Assisted students and faculty in acquiring their One Cards and managing their card balances


Carolina Women In Business, Blank Canvas Dance Company, Greek Groove Dance Team, Alpha Phi Food Committee, Alpha Phi Marketing Team