Grace Sears

My younger sister, Kate Sears, is a junior at Watauga High School in Boone, NC. Kate is a wonderful athlete and is being recruited by over 30 schools to play D1 basketball. Kate and I discussed the preparation it takes to be a D1 athlete as well as what are some things she looks for when narrowing down her search from 30 schools to only one! Get a glimpse into her life below!

For as long as Kate Sears can remember she has been playing basketball, and in the 8th grade, she received her first Division One offer. Since then, she has received over 30 D1 offers. However, these skills are not something that came overnight. Kate has put an abundant number of hours into her basketball training. Whether that be numerous hours in the gym with or without her team, fueling her body the right way, or spending her summers and holiday breaks at basketball tournaments across the nation, Kate has made many sacrifices!

As Kate is currently continuing her junior season at Watauga High School, she has truly shown audiences her skills, attracting people from all over North Carolina to the gym to watch her play. Sears gives most of her glory to her teammates, coaches, and family who have driven and supported her through it all. Kate is excited to continue her basketball career in college and is working hard to make the tough college choice! Follow along Kate’s journey below including most of her college scholarship offers.